Found objects / 31X64″ / $500

During my sophomore year in high school, there was a little boy in the neighborhood, around 5 or 6 years old, who pestered me constantly. He liked to show up after school and ask me a lot of questions. I tolerated him because he was such an unfortunate little dude. One of his eyes was heavily bandaged under his thick glasses. He spoke with a lisp. And he was like a broken Chatty Cathy doll.

“Whacha doin’?”

“Im fixing the flat on my bike.”


“Because I want to ride it to a girl’s house.”


“Uh, it’s complicated.”


“Because it just is.”

And so on, forever. I hope he’s okay and living a decent life somewhere.

I found the head and nose at Chenman’s scrap metal yard, the hand truck at Hope House thrift store and the sign fragment in the Delaware wilderness.