Rambler, 6.9.12

Scrap art | 16X25″ | $500

All of these disparate fragments came together at once, triggered by the gift of a bunch of stuff from a friend, including a couple of old saws.

The handle of one of the saws looked like a devil, and its scale and color worked pretty well with the old “Rambler” game board I’ve had for years. The snake was donated years ago by a photographer friend who’d found it in the road. The rusty toy gun was something I bought on Ebay a few years back. The devil’s mouth was donated by my friends Adrian and Amy, the jack knife trigger finger, “angel,” the real bullets and other stuff are from Roy The Relic Hunter. I wadded up some brightly colored thread for the muzzle blast.

Handguns are scary and never to be taken lightly or handled haphazardly. Accidents can happen…