Hypnotist, 8.19.12


Scrap art | 28X42″ | $650

One day last week, I cut out of work around 3 so I could swing by Chenman’s Scrap Yard to pick up a few sundries. Quitting time for them is around 4, so they don’t want to be hanging around after that, weighing a bunch of worthless crud for an eccentric, old coot like me.

Anyhow, that’s when I found this beautiful, red hypnotist. I also picked up his watch fob there, and I’m glad I did, because I had no idea I’d need it until I got home and the idea for this hit me.

I’ve had the Ohio license plate for a couple years – I realized several years ago that some number/letter combinations make faces, so I went on Ebay and picked up a few that I thought worked…

Roy Bahls, my good relic hunter friend donated the old pocket watch relic (I glued some hands on it) and the arm and hat were just pieces of metal I had lying around.

“You are getting verrry sleeeeeepy….” So I’ll quit blabbing now.