Stay Out! 8.11.12

Scrap art | 16X69″

Back in the early ’90s, when I was working at the San Jose Mercury News, I walked to work almost every day and my interest in road refuse began to take hold.

I cruised by a lot of construction sites and picked up rusty tools, road gloves and other stuff.

The newspaper was built on what was once an old farm and there were railroad tracks next to it. At lunchtime, I’d scour the area for junk. That’s where I found this wonderful hand painted warning sign – probably made by the old farmer back in the 60s.




I screwed on a couple sling blades for legs, and a metal lollipop head. The eyes are from a 1920s Underwood No. 5 typewriter, the nose and mouth are dug relics that my friend, Roy, donated. I cut the dunce’s cap out of a wooden sign fragment.

It’s hanging on my studio door and clangs loudly when opened, warning me of marauders.