Leaving the Nest 9.30.12

Scrap art | 23X28″ | $350

When a little bird flies for the first time, I imagine it’s filled with conflicting emotions. Fear, confidence, impatience — although I know it’s just instinct that compels it to leave the nest behind.

I found the wooden vice and architectural wing at Country Boy Antiques in Norfolk. Alvin, the proprietor, always treats me with generosity and kindness. He told me that a number of artists frequent his establishment, which is full to the rafters with all kinds of salvage, gingerbread, hardware, doors, frames, weird junk and other sensory overload.

I pulled over and nabbed the squashed porcelain tub was on a country road several years ago. The reflector eye was donated by a good friend in the Coast Guard, the nest was a wound gnarl of metal I picked up at Bobby Chenman’s scrap yard, along with the bird’s body, a very heavy piece of whatnot. All of it is screwed, glued and wired to an aluminum oven tray that I painted and distressed.

Wired and ready to hang – be sure to find the stud…


UPDATE: I added a tear made of a found lens from a pair of eyeglasses…