Tom Waits, 12.8.12


Scrap art | 18X24″ | $500

Almost all of these pieces were donated to me: The muffler was snagged by a dear, old friend who saw it in the road, drove on a few minutes, then made a u-turn after further consideration. There’s a girl after my own heart – thanks, Stacy!

Roy and Vicky, relic hunting stalwarts, dug up out of the red Virginia clay: Tom’s suit, Pabst Blue Ribbon arm, buckle ear, eyes, flatware hand, clay pipe stem cig, keyhole mouth and jaded eyes.

Neighbor pal Ed gave me the weathered metal hair. Wilma gave me a nice collection of bluish nails she’d found by Ocean View beach (Tom’s tie). And I had the copper ashtray hat, sunglass lens nose and scrap heap soul patch. All of which was screwed and glued onto a discarded piece of painted plywood.

I’ve read that Mr. Waits is also a connoisseur of the scrap yard – which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Wired and ready to hang. It would look nice in a black gallery frame… I may do that.