Young Ben, 12.8.12

Scrap art | 18X34″ | sold

This is a young Ben Franklin and he came together purely by kismet, which is what makes scrap art so fun and unpredictable.

A very sweet couple, Mike and Meghan, donated a bunch of junk when they moved out of their old Norfolk home, including a coal scuttle, which I thought about and thought about, with no inspiration, until I instinctively stomped it flat, and then: tri-corner hat!

It remained a headless colonial hat until Stacy offered me a stack of cool stuff from her house sale, including the wooden game box lid. The scale seemed about right – it slid perfectly into the hat – and I was able to cut the chin and neck out, using my new jigsaw. (the cut-out piece became Ben’s nose.) Then, I cut in his smile.

The toy train tracks she also donated (Her dad had a track set up in the attic) became his hair. I snipped his fur collar out of a ceiling tin fragment.

Now, everyone knows Ben was a lady’s man, hence, the “lovin’ spoonful” eyes, although that term revealed itself to me only after I’d completed the work…

Wired and ready to hang.