King Kong 01.30.16 (update)


“King Kong” and “Biplane” – Scrap art assemblages

After making the skyscraper out of some found tin sheeting , which I cut and wrapped onto a found, wooden bunk bed ladder, I finally decided to use foam to create the clouds and I added a flag pole and Old Glory.

The biplane is armed and made of a lady’s leather boot, old fan and doll arms.

kong2 kong1

Original post, Nov. 21, 2014: Free standing scrap art, in progress, 4 feet tall

I’ve had the flattened metal chair for a while, found at a scrap yard, and when I came upon the seasoned muffin pan at a restaurant supply store, I immediately thought of King Kong… the scale seemed right and I was able to keep adding things that worked, such as the wrench for his left hand, which slid perfectly into the sleeve. And the wooden piece that forms Fay Wray  - was inserted into a brass dug relic flag pole finial that my friend, Roy donated a while back. She slid perfectly into the grip of the wrench hand. I found the blind man’s cane a few months ago at Country Boy antiques, which fits snugly into a heavy base given to me by a generous metal artist.

Still to be figured out: Kong’s feet and the attacking planes… I’ll keep you posted …