MOCA scrap art class


Master Class | Museum of Contemporary Art of Virginia | 11.22.14

Some brief notes about the class I hosted at MOCA, Sat. Nov. 22: It was composed of 5 women and 3 men – professional designers, art lovers, a retired math teacher, a construction manager and his artistic son (looking to break out of 2-d), a college student home for the holiday – they all brought some found objects with them and I brought a bin full of small objects and spread them out on the table. I asked them to do an exercise – I gave them each a sheet from a 120-yr-old ledger and asked them to place a small object on it and use brush-n-ink to complete it. Some just used the objects. They were all very cool and suitable for framing. I asked them to send photos of their artwork so I can post them to my website. My own quick version is shown here.

“Teaching” this course was a breeze and a pleasure – the 3 hours sped by quickly because everyone was having a great time, messing around with found junk! The young artist was in the middle of a really cool sculpture when it was time to go…

Thanks to all those who attended, and to Truly Matthews, Associate Curator of Education at MOCA, for her enthusiastic support – and a wonderful tray of eats, which were much appreciated.