Tupelo Honey Cafe 07.10.15

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“Feed Your Inner South” – Scrap art assemblage, 6X6′

When Sarah Pike (She’s in the photo with me, above) first called, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“We’d like to commission you to produce a piece of artwork, six feet square, for the new Tupelo Honey Cafe that’s coming to Town Center in Virginia Beach.”

I’d never done anything so challenging. First of all, they needed it in 2 months. Secondly, the scale was such that I had to go out and find much bigger junk. Thirdly, they asked me to incorporate their marketing slogan, which had not been finalized yet… so I was really worried that I’d be able to complete the task.

Nevertheless, I’m so glad I agreed to work with Sarah and her colleagues at Starr Design Team in North Carolina. They were super cool and offered me nothing but encouragement along the way.

I kept them informed about the progress of the piece — I sent them a photo of the stove top I found at Chenman’s Scrap Yard, and they loved that I was thinking of making it into a cow…

And throughout the process — the adding of the tag line, which I love, the chicken, the “You are trespassing” sign, the fishing pole — everyone I dealt with was supportive and open to anything.

I delivered the finished piece on June 15th and was able to hang it in the foyer of the restaurant without any problems. The design of the cafe is beautiful — lots of local artwork in a warm, bright environment.

What a great experience!