“Hang With Hundley” 03.24.16



Well, the “Hang With Hundley” event at Peninsula Fine Arts Center was a kick. About a dozen connoisseurs of junk attended my very casual talk and a good time was had by all, especially yours truly. I spoke a little bit about how some of the pieces began, how I work, the process of seeing and creating. I spoke from my heart about the mystical aspects of being a “found object” artist and that the power of positive thinking and concentration actually brings beautiful objects to my feet – how certain wishes are granted. It’s mysterious and inspiring, and it’s something I’m trying very hard to channel and put to best use. This aspect of the medium is what continues to thrill and fascinate me and keep me going with the same enthusiasm that gripped me in 2009 when I started on this road and became a committed “American Scrap Artist.”

I’d like to thank my dear friend, Hyunsoo Leo Kim, a talented documentarian and photojournalist who took these photos and also videotaped the event for an upcoming mini-documentary (more on that later) along with the super-nice folks who showed up — and the wonderful staff at PFAC. Every time I meet and talk to them, I’m blown away with their down-to-earth friendliness and dedication to the arts and to the community up there in Newport News.

My exhibit, “Another Man’s Treasure,” will come down on April 4.