Under the Gun 1.13.17


“Double Tap,” 9-foot-tall scrap art assemblage – $1,850

In November, 2016, I was invited to participate in an upcoming exhibit at Work | Release in Norfolk.

Jesse Scaccia, one of the curators, said it would be about gun violence and that I could approach it any way I thought best. Then he added, “Think big.”

Immediately, I thought of the “Drifter,” a large piece of driftwood that I’d found on the Ocean View beach and managed to schlepp home months before. I was looking for a big idea for it.

It came together quickly, over the course of two weeks. I would create a person who is about to shoot a gun – a person whose motives are unclear…

Here are photos of the found object in situ, and the artwork and exhibit as it progressed.

drifter on beach

drifter dryingdrifter studio


doubletap w|rdoubletap viewer


doubletap rick