Psycho Patrolman 05.01.17

Psycho Patrolman.72











This piece was inspired by the scary cop who peers into Janet Leigh’s car in the Hitchcock classic, “Psycho.” The head is made of a flattened mailbox, the hand is the mailbox’s lid. I had the rusty toy gun hanging around and thought it made a nice nose. The side mirrors are an interesting story – I walked past the one on the right while on a lunchtime stroll down Brambleton Ave. in Norfolk. It was just a black piece of plastic. But I turned around and went back to it, flipped it over, and was startled by the broken mirror on the other side! So glad I went back… As I began to think of the mirror, I wanted another one… perhaps for a large fly’s eyes, or shades such as these… so I sent out a message to the universe, I guess, requesting another beautiful, broken side mirror. Well, within a week, I found the one on the left, also mirror-side-down, in the middle of E. Ocean View Ave., not far from my home. It’s another eerie example of the unexplainable, mystical aspect of this medium, scrap art. Very often, if I think of something and really concentrate, it will appear in front of me…

Wired and ready to hang, $650.