Scrap doodle poster 06.10.17


20 of my recent “scrap doodles” on a 16×20″ poster (now available for $20.) What do you get for that low price? The righteous smiting of Satan, Toto escaping Almira Gulch, a pigmy circus elephant, an interplanetary high-5, a gravedigger, a ghost, a carpenter, an inarticulate robot, a cowboy, a bronco, a rattler, a cheesy mime, a chicken head, a proud girl with a nose piercing, a busker, a soldier, a casualty of war, a goat god, a banjo player, a Chuck Berry wannabe, a barking squirrel, a happy bird and a very regretful man. Same price for a t-shirt with any one of these on the front. Thanks for your support!