Big Eared Bat 12.08.17


“Big Eared Bat,” (dimensions to come)

Halloween is the most inspiring time of year and the best way to celebrated the holiday is to create homemade decorations. When I was growing up in the early 1960s, my father would use construction paper, pipe cleaners, ping-pong balls — any household material he could scrape together — to make cats, bats and witches.

I think there’s something wrong with all the mass marketed Halloween props and whiz-bang special effects being sold at hardware stores across the country. What is the point of seeing the same huge, inflated ghoul at several houses in the neighborhood?

This fellow is made of mostly wood scraps found at Alvin Jones’ Emporium of Wonders, Country Boy Antiques in Norfolk. I had some drift wood barrel pieces that washed up at Ocean View, Also a blue marble eye, a wooden spoon which I carved with my trusty Dremel, a broken sprinkler mount, fork, various other stuff.

Wired and ready to hang, $300

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