John Torrington 12.05.17


“John Torrington,” 18×26″

Mixed media assemblage made of a used paint tray, sardine tin, Ball jar lid, early Dodge Bros. auto wheel hub, bone, leather, pottery shards, wood shingles and molding, and lots of Bay glass found along the beach in Ocean View.

Torrington lost his life while a crew member of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition after their ships, The HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, became ice locked in Northern Canada. He was buried along with several of his shipmates in the permafrost in Jan. 1846.

In 1980 (134 years later), a team of anthropologists decided to disinter the bodies, conduct autopsies and solve the riddle of their deaths.

Google him. It’s a heartbreaking story of greed, bravery and death.

I’ve always been fascinated by the photographs of his perfectly preserved countenance peering up from his icy coffin.

$600, wired and ready to hang

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16×20″ poster, below, available for $20.