Keith Richards 12.09.17


“Keith Richards,” 11×14″

Several months ago, while looking for inspiration in Alvin Jones’ “Country Boy” antique shop in Norfolk, I picked up this tarnished teapot. As soon as I turned it upside down, the lid became a chin and mouth line and the spout became a nose. I showed it to Alvin, and said, “Look, it’s Keith Richards.” “I can see it,” Alvin replied with a chuckle. I think he charged me a couple of bucks for it. He was always so supportive and generous. I miss him terribly.

The headband is a peanut butter jar lid, ears are house numbers also from Country Boy. I carved his guitar out of an old Bakelite switch plate.

Wired and ready to hang, $500

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Here’s a video to give a better idea 3-d view: