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Gifts of the Magpie

Coming March 2021 - Preorder now!

A scrappy story with an excellent message, Gifts of the Magpie tells of a big-hearted bird who loves to find things and loves to help — but confusion over homonyms causes the bird to get everything wrong! Will the magpie ever get it right? Then the bird’s friends take a second look at the gifts and realize that, with a little creativity, the magpie gave them just what they needed. Scrap illustrations provide a feast for the eyes, and young readers will delight in discovering how found objects can be transformed into treasures.

Published by Capstone.

Average 5-star rating at NetGalley

Review by Reading T: 

This book (can I call it a book?!) is a revolution!

I never expected the contents to turn out like this!

I mean wow!

The art is incredibly unique and so cleverly done! No, it's not your normal pen, pencil, colour illustrations. It's object art. Art using real objects! I mean say what!

Love this initiative in children's picture books. It's phenomenal! The art and the artist deserve all the love from all around the world! This book should reach the corners of the world.

I love the mouse art the best. It's my favourite!

This is so spunky, so retro and so upbeat! Creativity at its best!

The characters are represented well. The concept to extend help when you can is worth the reminder as the story clicks.





Thanks NetGalley for the ARC. It's just too precious!