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Meat Puppets | "Dusty Notes"

When my boyhood friend and Meat Puppets singer/songwriter/guitarist, Curt Kirkwood, asked if I would like to do some scrap art for their new album, I answered, "of course! I've always wanted to do your portraits . . . " but that was when the band was a power trio, and they'd grown to a quintet! No matter. I was thrilled to have such a wonderful challenge. The band's original drummer, Derrick Bostrom, sent me the "rough" cuts of the album and I loved the songs immediately. (And you will, too.) Derrick was the one who first noticed similarities between my art and their music. I think he's right in the sense that we all see beauty in the ordinary. I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but then I glanced at a bullet-riddled canteen that my daughter had found and realized it looked exactly like Bostrom! Everything fell together quickly and naturally after that. Many thanks to the Meat Puppets, Jaime Butler, the wonderfully patient team at Megaforce Records and my generous metal-detector pals who donated a lot of the beautiful dug relics used: Roy Bahls, Vicky Friedrichs and Keith Carawan. Below: album front, centerspread, back, record label and an extra vampyr . . .